Up, Up and Away

Tips and tricks for going aloft safely  (published February 2013) Climbing a sailboat’s rig is not something that prudent sailors should have to do on a […]

Battery Banter

(published November 2012) Chuck Hawley, West Marine’s Vice President of Product Development, recently bought an Alerion Express 38 Yawl and is learning how to be a […]

All Charged Up

Consider an alternator upgrade for increased efficiency  (published November 2012) Your engine’s alternator can be considered the battery bank’s primary charging device since you use the […]

Replacing Sanitary Hoses

A cautionary tale  (published October 2012) In the year 2000, when Island Packet built my precious IP 380, MoDachaidh, apparently modern technology hadn’t yet perfected the […]

Practice Makes Perfect

Refinishing Regina Oceani’s middle-aged hull  (published October 2012) It takes a great deal of bravery, faith and endurance to refinish the hull of a 31-year-old, 42-foot […]

Adding Reef Points

(published September 2012) Any experienced cruising sailor knows the importance of being able to reef your sails in heavy weather to reduce power and heeling. As […]

Let the Sun Shine In

The joy of replacing outdated ports  (published August 2012) With the decks painted, more and more things on Regina Oceani, our Pearson 424 ketch, look tired […]