Dragonfly 28 “Touring”

The Danish designed and built trimaran combines comfortable cruising accommodations with exciting sailing performance (published fall 2017) In early June, we had the opportunity to cruise […]

Outremer 51

(published September 2016-boat show preview) This will be the second year that the Outremer 51 will be on display at the fall shows and we include […]

Havana to Miami

A lesson in navigation more than just the waters between the United States and Cuba  (published January 2015) The U.S. Customs official, bristling with guns and […]

Alpha 42

A homegrown cruising cat proves that American innovation is alive and well and ready to go cruising  (published November 2014 MQ) They call it “re-shoring.” That’s […]

Dragonfly 32

This elegant trimaran from Denmark combines innovative systems with a comfortable cruising interior  (published November MQ 2014) It is not every day I get to go […]