Francois Gabart: Superman

The handsome, mild mannered Frenchman, did the impossible when he knocked six days off the solo round the world record  (published March 2018) Imagine yourself on […]

Accidental Circumnavigation

Part One: A couple’s unexpected journey around the world  (published September 2013) I would have never stepped aboard Miss Jody had I known we would end […]

Kourou, French Guiana

A gritty, yet fascinating stopover on the way north from Brazil  (published September 2014) “Why not just go to the Bahamas like everyone else?” There was […]

Gregor Tarjan

Multihulls in America, an interview with the builder of the Alpha 42 (published April 2014) You have built Aeroyacht into a dealer for many multihulls brands. […]

Multihull Master Gino Morrelli

(published January 2013) Gino Morrelli of Huntington Beach, California, is partnered with Pete Melvin in the design and engineering firm Morrelli & Melvin. Together with their […]

HIghlights of a Homeward Bound Voyage

(published October 2012) February 18th—I recorded our departure from Easter Island in the logbook and noted that we had cleared out of New Zealand exactly one […]

From Meek to Mighty

The awesome adventures of the Linda  O (published July 2012) The lunchtime office escapee had been enjoying a beautiful fall day at the Wahoo Cut Public […]