Weather Facts

How to obtain weather information by satellite phone  (published July 2013) As satellite phones become commonplace for today’s blue water sailors, the question is, what services […]

Back to the Basics

Sail your boat better with the right instruments  (published June 2013) Like any art, sailing requires no specific instruments or devices aboard ship in order to […]

Staying Current With Currents

Ocean currents are not what they used to be  (published March 2013) OK…This is not an article about climate change. Ocean currents are indeed what they […]

New & Noteworthy

Advancements in nav and electronics  (published January 2013) Technology has vastly changed the way sailors look at almost every aspect of the cruising lifestyle. Some sailors […]

Navigation in Hurricane Season

The 34-kt Rule and the Mariners’ 1-2-3 Rule  (published January 2013) The tragic sinking of the tall ship HMS Bounty and the loss of two lives […]