Balance Pose

How to strike a balance between cruising and working  (published June 2013) Today’s office is open-air with yellow and orange pillars, a red stone floor and […]

Unleashing Women’s Potential

Thinking beyond “pink and blue” boundaries leads to smoother sailing  (published December 2012) “You’ve got to let me put a few holes in the boat,” I […]

A Passage for the Birds

Tenaya shares the seas with flying friends while heading from PNG to Palau  (published February 2015) Maybe the sky knows this is our last night in […]

Hawaii by Sextant

How to learn and practice celestial navigation using data from a 2,800 mile ocean passage  (published May 2014) Most blue water sailors think about learning celestial […]

Landfall Bermuda

Sailing to Bermuda isn’t always the easiest passage, and stopping there can have surprises of its own  (published November 2013) The delivery out of the BVI […]

Snowbird Migrations

The leaves turn color and drop. The Canada Geese head south. The warm allure of the tropics beckons. But getting there may or may not be […]

It’s Time for Your Watch

There are as many ways to parse time as there are readers of this article, but there is more to a watch schedule than time  (published […]

Gulf Stream Gallop

The mighty stream showed its many moods on the passage from the Bahamas to Newport, R.I.  (published July 2013) The afternoon we got away from West […]