Reef Piloting

Heading to the tropical reef systems of the world is the driving reason for many cruisers. However, when we get among the reef systems of the […]

Marquesas Landfall

Most of us who cross the Pacific to French Polynesia are doing the passage for the first time. It is the first step of the euphemistically […]

Galapagos Cruising

How to navigate the various government agencies  (published September 2015) Every sailor, naturalist and even school kids have a vision of what the Galapagos is like. […]

The Cruiser’s Scavenger Hunt

How to successfully navigate the clearing in and out process as you cruise, and the valuable cultural experiences that make it worth the effort  (published March […]


How installing an alarm can boost your on board security and peace of mind  (published December 2014) Security is always a concern to cruisers. Hearing about […]