A sudden storm dampens a passage from Grays Harbor, WA to San Francisco  (published September 2012) When I tell the story of a recent storm encounter, […]

Sheet Lead

One of the easiest sail trimming mistakes to avoid is over-sheeting. Simply remember the phrase, “When in doubt, let it out.” Let the sheet out until […]

Four Hours Away From a Nap

Keep your crew’s awareness sharp by taking a disciplined approach to watchkeeping   (published August 2012) We’ve all seen it: the excitement of departure has everyone awake […]


The ocean is your parking lot  (published July 2012) For centuries, heaving-to has been the most reliable trick in a sailor’s arsenal for “parking” a sailboat […]

An Act of God

The doubled-up wave on the quarter immediately spun the 50-footer’s stern down and the bow up to weather. But, the worst was to follow… I met […]