ECS without GPS

How to use your electronic charting system for navigation, even if your GPS fails  (published March 2014) We might assume an electronic charting system (ECS) is […]

Herd Instinct

Deciding when to head offshore can be tricky, and subject to the opinions of those around you  (published February 2014) It had been a rough passage […]

Marquesas to the Society Islands

Part III: How careful planning can keep the Coconut Milk Run smooth  (published December 2013) Having sailed all the way from the Galapagos Islands to the […]

Bitter Winds

Cold weather sailing can be hard and dangerous. Or, it can be a rare pleasure.  (published December 2013) Christmas Eve. We had just tied up alongside […]

Heavy Metal: Part II

What to consider when installing and operating a new windlass  (published November 2013) So you have spent the money and are now the proud owner of […]

Tsunami! Tsunami!

Handling the unsettling warnings of a potentially destructive force  (published November 2013) I am awoken by the spurting cough of an outboard engine and roll over […]