Hove-To in Minerva Reef

After days of sailing through heavy wind and weather in the South Pacific, a stop at Minerva Reef offers a chance to regroup  (published Dec/Jan 2016-17) […]

Exposed in the Tropics

A cruising couple benefit from a little shade  (published Dec/Jan 2016-17) We admire intrepid cruisers, captains and crew intent on sailing high latitudes, enduring chilly challenges […]

Pacific Personalities

The vast Pacific contains some of the most remote pockets of humanity on earth. With many islands hundreds or even a thousand miles from their nearest […]

Marquesas Landfall

Most of us who cross the Pacific to French Polynesia are doing the passage for the first time. It is the first step of the euphemistically […]

Putting Penrhyn on the Map

Discovering Penrhyn atoll in the Cook Islands starts by learning where it is  (published March 2015) Type “Penrhyn” into Google and you’ll get back a list […]

Uphill to Tahiti

A couple takes the road less traveled across the South Pacific  (published September 2013) In the early 1980s a 25-year-old American named James Baldwin sailed alone […]

Mexico to the Marquesas

A South Pacific dream is fulfilled with a passage west  (published August 2013) Will opened his sleepy eyes and looked at me with a puzzled expression […]