Sailing Back in Time

Tanna, Vanuatu offers a land of natural wonder and hospitable people  (published September 2013) Active volcanoes, dense forests, pristine bays, rugged mountains, cyclones, earthquakes, ash plains, […]

Putting Penrhyn on the Map

Discovering Penrhyn atoll in the Cook Islands starts by learning where it is  (published March 2015) Type “Penrhyn” into Google and you’ll get back a list […]


History and hospitality on this South Pacific tropical gem  (published February 2015) Of all the islands in the South Pacific I’ve sailed to since 1974, tiny […]

Daring the Dangerous Archipelago

Cruising the atolls of Tuamotu brings spectacular marine life and scenery, as well as fickle and potentially unfriendly passes  (published February 2015) Steve and I stood […]

PNG Discovered

A voyage through Papua New Guinea reveals the friendly side of these rarely cruised islands  (published December 2014) Where to next? Jim and I had been […]

New Caledonian Retreat

An introduction to the idyllic lagoons of this beautiful and cruisable Pacific stopover  (published September 2014) Sailing New Caledonia? “It’s horrible!” one sailor complained. “The water […]

Palmerston Atoll

An oddly welcoming anchorage in the Cook Islands  (published June 2014) Palmerston Atoll holds first prize for being both our favorite anchorage and the oddest island […]

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Sailing in the Kingdom of Tonga; navigation time on the edge of the dateline  (published June 2014) A Canadian, an American and an Australian are sitting […]