Challenges of Re-Entry

How a cruising couple returned to life on land after a three-year voyage to the South Pacific  (published June 2014) I feel I’m balancing between two […]

The path Less Traveled

Ducking out of cycone season’s path in the South Pacific doesn’t always mean heading for New Zealand  (published May 2014) It was time to leave the […]

Highlights of the Society Islands

A cruiser’s guide to one of the South Pacific’s most dreamy destinations  (published April 2014) You know you’ve been spoiled by the South Pacific when you […]

Golden Moments in Vanuatu

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The Magnificent Marquesas

The many highlights of this magical cruising ground are hard to ignore  (published January 2014) Isolated, wild and brooding with bold mountain landscapes jutting up above […]

Marquesas to the Society Islands

Part III: How careful planning can keep the Coconut Milk Run smooth  (published December 2013) Having sailed all the way from the Galapagos Islands to the […]

Galapagos to Marquesas

Part II: Life is but a dream on a passage from one unforgettable island chain to another  (published November 2013) On the eve of our departure […]

Heiva on Tahiti

Experience Polynesian flair at this unique celebration  (published June 2013) The summer of 2012 was London’s Olympic summer, but half a world away we were enjoying […]

Atoll Cruising 101: The Tuamotus

How to safely negotiate atolls of the South Pacific  (published May 2013) By now, every cruiser has certainly heard of the Tuamotus, a string of low-lying […]