Worklist: Tools & Accessories for Predeparture


The following is an expanded gear list from Bill Biewenga’s article “The Bare Essentials” in the October 2011 issue of Blue Water Sailing.

Toolboxes made of rigid but not brittle plastic, carpet or closed cell foam on bottom
Vice grips at least two sets, various sizes, some with slip-jointed jaws
Channel locks (large and medium)
Pliers, side cutters, needle-nose pliers
Wrenches (Open / box end set and adjustable crescent wrenches)
Filter wrench
Metric wrench set
Hot knife (listed elsewhere under sail repair kit or rigging)
Socket set (1/4″ and 1/2″ drive sets with rachet, U-joint & extension)
Metric Socket set
“Magic Fingers” long grasping tool or similar (long tweezers, etc.)
Small mirror to see things on far side of engine or other remote places
Hex keys (large and small sets)
Metric hex keys
Screw Driver set (large square shank) 3 Philips heads and at least 3 slotted
Screw Driver set (small)                     2    ”      ”    ”   ”   ”   2    “
Driver set with multiple Philips’ head, star, hex and other tips (see Wichard padeyes)
Impact driver (for older vessels or corrosion problems)
Fastener selection of screws, nuts & bolts, self-tappers, etc of various sizes
2-4′ lengths of 1/2″ threaded rod with 16 nuts and washers for misc. repairs
Selection of various hoses (with inside equal to outside diameters)
Hose clamp selection
Spare PVC plumbing fittings for specific hoses or pipes
Glue for PVC plumbing
Teflon Tape
Reversible 12V pump with hoses to reach from spare fuel to tanks
Fuel jugs and/or fuel bladder for spare fuel
Funnel for fuel
Oil absorbant towels
Winch grease
Spare winch handles
Paintbrush for winch grease
Tooth brush for cleaning winches
Wash tubs for winch cleaning or other tasks
Hacksaw and 6 new blades
Files (large & small)
Grease gun
Silicon large tubes
5200, Sikaflex and butyl rubber in tubes
Machine oil
D-9 Boeshield spray to prevent rust on tools
Lock-tite (red and blue strengths)
Liquid Wrench
Cordless drill (Preferably impact drill such as Panasonic or other)
Drill Battery charger with spare batteries
Drill bits (large and small sets)
Tap & Die set
Canvas bucket tool bag for “grab & run” situations
Spare zincs for engine and prop shafts
Jumper cables
Batteries for:
Big Beam Spot Light
Running lights
Fuses for:
Water Maker
Bulbs for:
Running lights
Masthead lights
Interior lights
Soldering iron and solder
Heat Shrink Tubing
Electrical tape (8 rolls white & several rolls of various colors)
Cable ties, various lengths and sizes
Heat Gun
Wire cutters/crimpers/wire end fasteners
Spare wire of multiple gauges
Small tools
Jeweler”s screw drivers
Spot light, AC and Battery operated
Is there 12, 24, 110, or 220 volt sys., 50 or 60 Hz?
Small portable 12v inverter(s)
Note that ship’s papers are aboard
Charts: Overall of the trip, approach, harbor and “emergency stops”, paper & digital
Get copy of Navigation Rules
Create Ship’s Log
Coastal Pilot
Book on Celestial Navigation
Nautical Almanac
Selected Stars
Sight Reduction Tables
Medical Manual
Tide tables
Instrument manuals
Check and stow
List of ITU channels
Check ships radio license
Set up account with WLO
Check accounting authority or billing for communications system
Emergency jumpers for SSB antenna
VHF (hard-wired and hand-held)
Handbearing compass
Case for pencils, markers, etc.
Marking pens, black, highlighters, etc.
Plotting sheets
Paper for weather fax
Spare handheld GPS that will interface with laptop nav program
Spare batteries for handheld GPS (36 AA batteries)
Compass lights
Emergency VHF antenna
Emergency running lights
Backup software for nav program and communications programs
Notice: galley stove operation notice plaque
Notice: LPG locker notice plaque
Notice: MARPOL Garbage Discharge placard and Waste Management Notice
Notice:  Oil Discharge placard
Life jackets
Flare kit
6 – 12 SOLAS Approved Red Parachute Flares
6 SOLAS Approved Red Hand-held Flares
1 SOLAS Approved Orange Smoke Canister
Water tight jugs / containers for flares, etc
Grab bag w/ handheld VHF, sea sickness med, sunscreen, food, water, lights, knife, etc.
Wooden Bung kit to plug through-hulls
Heaving Line
Air horn with spare air cannister
Bosun’s chair
Flash lights
Head lights
Stout buckets (3)
Bolt cutters
Medical kit and manual
Special medicines, pain killers, antibiotics, stored with prescriptions etc.
Hacksaw with 6 new blades
Fire extinguishers (4)
Fire blanket in Galley
EPIRB (registered)
Roving crash pump
Emergency notification list
Secure hatchboards, removeable from both inside & out
Man-overboard pole
MOM module
Serrated edged knife (Marashine or similar)
Lume sticks for emergency light
VHF radio – handheld
Small flare kit
Dinghy anchor
Dinghy pump
Small tool kit (adjustable wrenches, screw-drivers, etc)
Cable & Lock
Flashlights (2 small halogen) with spare batteries
Small running lights.
Laser light signalling device
Water bottles (4)
Spare fuel
Spare shear pin for motor
Waxed Thread
Palm (reasonably comfortable fit without sharp edges)
Stickyback dacron for repairing spinnakers (large sheets)
Stickyback dacron for repairing spinnakers (4″ roll)
Stickyback heavy material (Kevlar / Carbon large sheets)
Stickyback heavy material (Kevlar or Carbon 4″ roll)
Sail Ties  (10 each, 8′ long at least)
Hot knife
Hair dryer (either 110v or 220v, depending on vessel’s system)
Alcohol for drying sails
Various sizes of webbing (preferrably tubular)
Battens or splinting material
Silcon tubes (large & small tubes)
5200 tubes (large)
Sikaflex tubes (large)
Grease gun to accommodate large tubes
Sand paper (fine, medium and coarse grain)
Resin & hardener (in containers with pumps.  i.e.: West System)
3′ x 4′ sheet of fiberglass ab out 3 or 4 laminations thick, pliable
Bag of self taping sheet metal screws to screw down fiberglass “pad” listed above
Small epoxy tubes (injector type dispenser)
“Crazy Glue” or equivalent (2)
Rubber gloves (6 sets)
Cardboard mixing bowls & wooden stirring sticks
Medium sized paint brushes to brush on resin (4)
Fiberglass mat
Carbon fabric
Green or blue masking tape (2 rolls) wide and narrow rolls
Duct Tape (3 large rolls)
Acetone or other solvents and cleaners (Turpentine, Paint thinner, etc.)
Corrosion cleaner for stainless steel
Impellers for cooling water
Shear pins for outboard
Engine start keys
Oil (enough for 6 oil changes – 3 each side in catamaran)
Oil (At least 10 oil filters)
Racor filters (various micron level)
Fuel filters (at least 8 filters)
Water maker filters (6 each of various micron levels)
2 empty jugs for old oil preferably with measurement on side
Air filters
Fuel biocide
Fan / Refer / PTO belts
“Dog” (cable) clamps for boats with wire rigging or cables
Running rigging, check and inventory, note which are spares
Miscellaneous high tensile line for spares
High tensile “Loops” (8)
High tensile long (20′ or longer) misc. utility line (6)
Long, heavy duty block and tackle
Diamond braid
200′ high-tensile (Vectran, Spectra or similar) messenger line
Sail ties (preferably tubular webbing cut to 8′ lengths)
Snatch blocks: inventory and check
Spare shackles & snap shackles
Steering cables spare set
Dock lines: 2-100′ lengths, 4-50′ lengths
6 small fenders, 2 extra large fenders, 2 fender boards
Spare split pins, various sizes
Self-amalgamating tape
White electrical tape (8 rolls)
Bungi cord (various gauges)
Hot knife
Bowls (deep dish preferred for heavy weather)
Knives, forks & spoons
Serving and mixing bowls
Cups to use underway (large base, covered top, handle)
Pots & pans
Cutting boards
Various cooking utensils, openers (can, wine, etc)
Lighters & Flame Sticks
Non-skid plastic pads for counters
Dish towels
Dish Rags, sponges, dish soap
Absorbant door mats
Tea kettle
Coffee pot
Baskets for on-counter items, below sink items, fruit, vegatables,
Plastic containers with lids
Pillows (bed & settee)
Wash cloths
Blankets or comforters or sleeping bags
Fishing Gear (reels, lures, line, hooks, gaff, gloves, fillet knives)
Clothes pins
Deck brushes (2)
Dust pan and brush
Soft broom for interior
Chamoises (wipe down cloths – 2)
Deck Soap

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