X-46 • At the leading edge of high-performance cruisers, the X-Yachts fleet has been claiming silver in European IMS racing circuits. Among them, the new X-46 has earned its fair share of mantle-ware in the Med and will be new to the U.S. Zambia at the boat shows this fall along with the X-37. Proven on the cruising grounds as well, the X-46 easily accommodates a family or multiple couples and is responsive under sail and power.

All X-Yachts have a steel backbone that takes much of the load from the keel, mast and rig, allowing greater rig tension and increased sailing performance from its tall, efficient rig. Underwater, the modern keel shape features a lead bulb on a cast iron fin and a blade rudder with tapered rudderstock to save weight. Though weight and performance are important considerations, comfort and luxury have not been sacrificed, with plenty of teak finishing below and on deck. The X-46 comes in three- and four-cabin layouts with either an in-line or an L-shaped galley. Promising speed and reliability in a variety of conditions, the X-46 will deliver a lot of fun to a family or couple looking to get maximum performance whether cruising or on the racecourse.

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Author: Blue Water Sailing


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