20 Cruising Life

The rhythms of daily life change after being at sea for three weeks
by Heather Francis

24 World Cruising

Diving Bonaire and Curacao
For cruisers who like to scuba dive, the Dutch islands in the southern Caribbean offer some of the world’s best and least crowded dive sites
by Robert Scott

28 Bluewater Events

Antigua Sailing Week
by Erik Vohr

32 Bluewater Adventure

Sailing in the Big Leagues
Competing in the Normandy Channel Race 2017, was a huge opportunity and a huge challenge for two eager amateurs
by Simon Day

38 World Sailing Adventures

40 – 53 Schools, Charter, Expeditions
by George Day
54 British Virgin Islands
by Zuzana Prochazka
60 Discovering Poros
by Diane Gorch
64 Med Mooring
by Diane Gorch

70 Bluewater Boats

X Yachts X4 from Denmark
This thoroughly modern new design is a perfect dual-purpose boat for families who love to both race and cruise
by Zuzana Prochazka


6 Captain’s Log
8 Blue Water Dispatches
16 Biewenga Offshore
38 Charter Companies
74 Chandlery
77 Brokerage
80 Classifieds
82 Broad Reaching-Andrew Cross


Author: Blue Water Sailing