20  David Burch at the Helm
Maintaining a Weather Eye
Weather forecasts can be right or wrong, but the sooner you can recognize the difference, the sooner you can take appropriate action.

24  Cruising Life
The National Digital Forecast Database

24  Cruising Life
Destination St. Kilda
From the Scottish mainland to the raf reaches of the Outer Hebrides, they discover a world seldom seen by sailors
by Judith Jacobsen

30  Classic Passage
Third Time Success
In her third attemp, the 70-year old author completes a solo, non-stop circumnavigation aboard her 38 foot sloop
by Jeanne Socrates

36  World Cruising
Cuba: Pearl of the Antilles
Long the forbidden land just 90 miles from Florida, Cuba has a lot to offer cruisers
by Christine Myers

42  Practical Passagemaker
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Agents
Part 2: Preparing your boat and crew for the Panama Canal transit
by Paul Lever

48  Pocket Cruisers
48 Cruising Guide to the Apostle Islands
by Brad Lathrop
52 A Gallery of 31 Pocket Cruisers
by BWS staff

60  Boatswain’s Locker    
Preparing to Cruise With a Little Help From Our (Virtual) Friends
How the internet and social networking sites can help you connect with other cruisers
by Pete Dubler



Author: Blue Water Sailing