Greta Thunberg Crossing Atlantic on La Vagabonde


On Wednesday morning, the famous cruising catamaran La Vagabonde, on which Riley, Elayna and young Lenny are cruising about the world and posting videos weekly on YouTube, departed Hampton, VA bound across the Atlantic for Spain. Aboard is none other than climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who made a big splash last August when she sailed from Sweden to New York to protect the carbon emissions given off by airplanes. Greta is hitching a ride so she can attend the U.N. Climate Conference in Madrid in December.

The La Vagabondes have over one million subscribers to their You Tube channel, so the story of the transatlantic passage and of their famous passengers will get a lot of play in the sailing community.  The New York Times just published has a good story  with all the details. Read more.

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