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Kadey Krogen 48 North Sea • “Move you to the ends of the earth” in safety and comfort…

In the fall of 2007, the annual gathering of the Kadey-Krogen clan saw 65 of their boats cruise into Solomon’s Island, Maryland, from parts near and far, and more than 250 Kadey-Krogenites (owners), plus friends and vendors raised their glasses at the evening soiree to celebrate the boat builder’s 30th anniversary.

Along the docks were moored examples of the Kadey-Krogen heritage, the venerable Kadey-Krogen 42—the boat that started it all— the 36-foot Manatee, the 39, the Whaleback 48, the huge 54 and 58, the new 44 and the 48-foot North Sea. The family resemblance among the fleet was distinct and every sheer line, every bow and every transom spoke the same salty language of the sea. These are seagoing boats. And, their owners are all likeminded seagoing cruisers whether they cruise the waterways of America or ply the oceans of the world. As you pass through the fleet you could see how much the boats have evolved and improved over those 30 years. The gathering of owners and affiliates in Solomon’s Island in 2007 was truly a family reunion. The extended family is comprised of folk from every walk of life, every profession and business. And they are based all over America and the world. But they are still a family since they share the fundamental values of true cruisers and of skippers who know the difference between a coastal cruiser and a blue water, displacement-hull voyaging boat—a true oceangoing home.

So when they gathered at the 30th anniversary party old friends greeted each other and new friends were made. Cruising yarns were spun and plans for the coming winter cruises south laid out. The music played and the dancing went on into the night. To every man and woman it was happily conceded that this was a clan to which they were happy to belong.

And it was all because they had chosen the same type of boats and because they all share the same core values about seamanship and boat ownership. Today it also means owning boats of the highest quality.

Inside the 48 North Sea
While the Krogen 42 was the boat that launched the company, the 48 North Sea is the boat that exemplifies just how far the boats have come in the last 30 years in the ongoing search for perfection in an offshore cruising trawler that suits the needs and desires of an adventurous cruising couple.

Styled by Kurt Krogen and designed by naval architect James S. Krogen, Inc., the 48 North Sea has a long 45-foot, five-inch waterline and a displacement of 56,450 pounds at half load. The dimensions show that the 48 is a true displacement cruiser. With 1,000 gallons of fuel aboard, the 201-horsepower John Deere diesel will propel the 48 nearly 2,000 miles at 8 knots; throttle back to 7 knots and you can cross the North Atlantic without refueling—3,020 miles.

With long legs and the comfort and safety of the displacement hull, the 48 North Sea also offers strength and engineering to stand up to the rigors of the sea. Built in Taiwan—where all the more than 550 Kadey-Krogens have been built—by Asia Harbor boat builders, who build only the Kadey-Krogens, the hull, deck and internal structures are of the highest quality.

All of the major pieces of the hull, deck and superstructure are molded in high-grade female molds for consistency and strength. The hull is hand laid fiberglass with a PVC sandwich core above the waterline and solid laminate below. The cored sections of the hull reduce weight while adding stiffness to the structure and vastly improving sound and heat insulation. The solid laminate below the waterline has two laminates of vinylester resin to prohibit blistering and two layers of Kevlar mat reinforcement—the same fabric used in bulletproof vests.

To keep the superstructure light and strong, the decks and vertical elements are all laminated using vacuum bag technology and interior cores, which also add both heat and sound insulation. The hull-deck joint combines mechanical fastening with polyurethane marine sealants. All superstructure parts are bonded with sealants and fastenings, too. And, all internal bulkheads, which are heavy marine grade plywood, are bonded to the hull, floors and superstructure. Bulkheads are also encapsulated in fiberglass for added strength and longevity.

The 48 North Sea has been built to live up to its name. The boat has the deep hull form, heavy displacement and rugged construction needed to stand up capably to the rigors of crossing an ocean or sea.

Handling a 48-footer around the docks, in channels and at sea all require different design details to provide the helmsman good visibility and good protection from the elements; and, the crew needs to be able to handle docking lines or ground tackle easily and safely. That’s why the deck layout of the 48 North Sea works so well.

The side decks are wide so you have excellent access fore and aft and side deck cleats and hawse holes are placed just where you need them. The aft deck has cleats and hawse holes in the right places and a large storage locker beneath the floor for lines and fenders. The foredeck is open for working with lines but the bulwarks and rails are high enough that you will always feel secure. Handling the anchor and tackle can be done from the pilothouse but if you are working on the foredeck you will find that letting go and retrieving the anchor (or anchors) will be easy and safe.

The engineering that makes the 48 North Sea a true cruising boat starts with the design and construction. But it also extends to the details of fitting out the boat. Of note should be the all-welded aluminum doors on the side and after decks that have been built to withstand an encounter with a boarding wave.

Also, the premium equipment that comes as standard plus the additional options define the quality and capability of the boat. John Deere propulsion and Northern Lights generators are top of the line, as are ABT hydraulic thrusters and stabilizers, Sealand VacuFlush toilets and CruiseAir air conditioning.

On the outside of the 48 North Sea you will see a handsome, rugged trawler that promises safe and comfortable cruising at sea. Inside, you will find all of the engineering and detail that gives the boat the capability to make that promise come true.

Living aboard
The philosophy behind Krogen trawlers has always been to build the best liveaboard cruisers in the world since both of the company’s founders dreamed of taking their boats to exotic cruising grounds far and wide. Today, owning a Kadey-Krogen also means that you are buying a premium luxury yacht that will hold its value or even appreciate over the years.

As we noted, the deck layout provides a lot of open spaces for working and lounging on deck. The interior spaces of the 48 North Sea have been created with the same commitment to spaciousness. When you enter the saloon from the after deck, you are struck by the acre of parquet floor, by the light from the large side windows and by the warmth of the teak.

With the galley just forward, the whole living space flows together into a whole that will be very roomy for a cruising couple or family. Or, if you want to throw a party, you can easily fit a dozen friends in the saloon with twice that many scattered about the rest of the boat.

The sleeping cabins and heads are down a short companionway going forward. These cabins—with several layout options available—are large and endowed with lots of convenient storage spaces, drawers and hanging lockers. The master cabin is huge and has a large centerline queen berth, bedside night stands and plenty of ventilation.

Up a few steps from the saloon, the pilothouse of the 48 is spacious and bright. The forward slanting windows, large side windows and centerline helm give the pilothouse the feel of a ship’s bridge. The settee and table will make an excellent place for the crew to gather while on passage and can double as a good sea berth during overnight runs. The nav station has ample room for storing and spreading out charts while the chart plotters, radar and other instruments can be mounted just forward of the helm where they will be easy to read.

The flying bridge and boat deck, which is large enough to mount a sizeable dinghy, make good outdoor spaces for running the boat and for lounging in the sun. In fair weather, this is where the crew will gather and many skippers will find the visibility from the bridge to be excellent when docking or maneuvering in tight spaces. Designed for family living in roomy, warm spaces, the 48 North Sea is large enough to be a really comfortable floating home, and well enough laid out to provide all the storage, tankage and amenities that most modern cruisers really want. 30 years of Kadey-Krogen The great cruising boats Kadey-Krogen builds today all serve the company’s core values of “capability, livability, cruising and value.”

These values did not appear out of a marketing text book but flow instead from the core values of the two men who founded Kadey-Krogen—Art Kadey and James Krogen—30 years ago. James was a professional naval architect and yacht designer who was known for his rugged, simple and elegant boats. Art was a yacht broker who was looking for a cruising motorboat with heavy displacement that would carry him to the South Pacific. The fruit of their first collaboration was the Kadey-Krogen 42, a boat that was seriously ahead of its time as a dedicated cruising trawler.
Today, the company is owned by three former Kadey-Krogen owners, all of whom are involved in the day-to-day operations of creating every one of the 18 or so Kadey-Krogens that roll down the ways each year. John Gear, president, and Tom Button, vice president of operations, are based at the Stuart, Florida, facility. Vice president Larry Polster is based in Annapolis, Maryland, where he provides a northern sales office. The company also has another sales office in Seattle, Washington.

These three owners are all boaters who believe in the lifestyle of cruising under power. They have all done it. They know that by constantly improving quality, innovating with design and technology and using top shelf marine gear and equipment they can build for their cruising owners boats that are as safe and seaworthy and as comfortable and spacious as any cruising boats in the world. And, they know that if they persist in the pursuit of quality their boats will become valuable assets to their owners and families.
Those 250 Kadey-Krogenites who descended on Solomon’s Island to celebrate their boats, the cruising life and the builders who make it all possible know that, too, which is why they danced so happily into the night.

Kadey-Krogen 48 North Sea
LOA 48’6”
LWL 45’5”
Beam 16’8”
Draft 5’0”
Displacement 56,450 lbs
Ballast (lead) 4,500 lbs.
Fuel 1,000 gals.
Water 400 gals.
Kadey-Krogen Yachts
Stuart, FL 34994
Ph: 772-286-0171


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