Mooring Tricks for Successful Stern-To Docking in the Med

If you are heading to the Mediterranean or just about anywhere in Europe for a sailing vacation this summer, you ‘re going to find yourself in tight little harbors, with stone and concrete docks that require you to tie up using the classic Med Mooring technique. Often, you will have to squeeze between to moored boats, just to get a line ashore to the quay while at the same time dropping your anchor in the right place or picking up the static bow lines at the bow from the water.
In calm conditions, this is challenging enough but if you have a strong breeze blowing, especially a cross wind, making a smooth landing and getting the boat secured, without multiply collisions, can be a heart pounding exercise in boat handling and seamansahip.
The American Sailing Association has a good article on how to make a Med Moor the easy here on their website. Read more here.

Author: Blue Water Sailing