We Love Morocco

From Mallorca in Spain’s Balearic Islands, to Morocco and then the Canary Islands, the crew of Mahina Tiare had one adventure after the next  (published March […]

Seamanship for Cruisers

Two of the world’s most experienced offshore sailors and dedicated seamanship educators, share what they have learned over lifetimes at sea  (with John Neal and Amanda […]

Victoria to San Diego

Mahina Tiare‘s crew settles in for a journey south along the U.S. Pacific coast  (published February 2017) March 23, 0115 hrs, 44.53 N, 124.38 W, Log: […]

North Sea Expedition

North Sea gales, sunshine and Fair Isle landfall!  (published November 2016) What an exciting morning landfall! On May 6, we were located between the Orkney and […]

Azores Adventure

At 0400 on July 16 the first half of our Atlantic crossing was completed with our landfall at Lajes on Flores Island in the Azores  (published […]

Plan and Go

A three year plan to get you prepared for an extended offshore cruise  (published April 2015) Deciding to make the transition from coastal to offshore sailor […]


History and hospitality on this South Pacific tropical gem  (published February 2015) Of all the islands in the South Pacific I’ve sailed to since 1974, tiny […]