New Caledonian Retreat

An introduction to the idyllic lagoons of this beautiful and cruisable Pacific stopover  (published September 2014) Sailing New Caledonia? “It’s horrible!” one sailor complained. “The water […]

A Season in New Zealand

A practical guide to cruising by land and water, with tips on where to get those boat projects done, too  (published August 2014) For many trans-Pacific […]

Highlights of the Society Islands

A cruiser’s guide to one of the South Pacific’s most dreamy destinations  (published April 2014) You know you’ve been spoiled by the South Pacific when you […]

The Magnificent Marquesas

The many highlights of this magical cruising ground are hard to ignore  (published January 2014) Isolated, wild and brooding with bold mountain landscapes jutting up above […]

Quick, Easy and Good

Convenience foods for the offshore sailor  (published November 2012) Sure, we’d all like to be accomplished galley chefs, amazing and delighting the crew with our ability […]

A Sailor’s Mecca

Maine’s slogan is right: this is truly the way life should be  (published June 2012) Ah! What pleasant visions haunt me As I gaze upon the […]

Milos, Greece

36°41’N, 24°25’E  (published April 2012) Concluding our cruise of the Cyclades on the island of Milos, my husband and I did the usual Med moor to […]