Update on the Bitter End Yacht Club, Virgin Gorda, BVI



By Scott Akerman

I was fortunate enough to be cruising around Virgin Gorda’s North Sound last week and dropped in on the Bitter End Yacht Club to check on the progress of their rebuild since hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2017.

Due to supply chain issues, the rebuild of this famous resort is going slower than anyone would like, but it’s on its way and is sure to impress fans who have been coming here by boat and ferry for decades.

The family that owns the BEYC had a blank slate to start with since the resort was destroyed and they decided to move main buildings and restaurants off the waterfront for two reasons: to provide for more protection from potential storm surge and to make the waterfront more accessible for people to be able to swim, sail and enjoy sea life.

Phase 1of the redevelopment has a new open-air lobby with amazing views and wood all around you. There are new bathrooms and showers that have modern amenities and yachtie touches. You’ll notice a lot of the deck planking has holes in it where you wouldn’t expect them to be and that’s due to the use of as many recycled materials as possible. You are literally standing on what was left after Irma.

There are a few bungalows perched right over the water with views overlooking the marina and North Sound. Upstairs, the bungalows have a large bed and novel air conditioning system that sends cool air over the bed. Downstairs, there are two beds and when the doors open there’s a deck with a ladder for quick entry into the water.

Food and beverage are going to be a signature item I’m guessing by the wood fired pizza oven and panini presses I spied. The Pantry grocery store has also been expanded with a sailing guests able to provision their boats with a greater variety of items .

Down the beach, the water sports building will have toys as usual to keep you busy sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking and you will be hosted by super nice instructors who are always eager to please.

I can’t give away all the secrets but there’s another bar that’s any cruiser will find incredibly cool. The plan is to expand the resort down the beach and around the corner, but in the short term the rebuild is really about just getting supplies and getting open to the public so that once January/ February come they will ready for prime time.

For more information and updates visit the Bitter End Yacht Club’s website here.




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