It’s a cry that is so alarming that it’s against the law to falsely scream that word in a movie theater. It’s no less alarming at […]

The Year of the Refit

Boat work means lists, projects and knowing it will all be worth it  (published January/February 2018) Switching my electric sander off, I watched dust settle around […]

The Winds of Christmas

Technically the hurricane season is behind us. The reality is that while some of the devastation remains in some places, the weather will be idyllic in […]

Stay in Touch

“Stay in Touch!” It’s a common enough term, but one that takes on many places and is important to many people  (published November/December 2017)   As […]

Time After Time

A concept that is both fixed and fluid aboard a cruising sailboat  (published November/December 2017) When I came on deck at 11 p.m. it was still […]