Bitter Winds

Cold weather sailing can be hard and dangerous. Or, it can be a rare pleasure.  (published December 2013) Christmas Eve. We had just tied up alongside […]

Landfall Bermuda

Sailing to Bermuda isn’t always the easiest passage, and stopping there can have surprises of its own  (published November 2013) The delivery out of the BVI […]

Snowbird Migrations

The leaves turn color and drop. The Canada Geese head south. The warm allure of the tropics beckons. But getting there may or may not be […]

Staying in Touch

Thoughts after using SSB and satellite phones over thousands of miles at sea  (published August 2013) The SSB radio is a time-honored staple of long distance […]

It’s Time for Your Watch

There are as many ways to parse time as there are readers of this article, but there is more to a watch schedule than time  (published […]

Weather Facts

How to obtain weather information by satellite phone  (published July 2013) As satellite phones become commonplace for today’s blue water sailors, the question is, what services […]