The Other Higher Education

(published April 2014) In the War of 1812 my great-great-great grandfather was taken prisoner by the British. He was the captain of a merchant sailing vessel, […]

Water of Life

How to get, store and use one of our most precious resources while cruising  (published March 2014) Water is useful stuff. We like to drink it, […]

The Northwest Passage

Making history by conquering the icy passage through this famous northern corridor  (published March 2014) “Polar bear! There is a polar bear right next to our […]

ECS without GPS

How to use your electronic charting system for navigation, even if your GPS fails  (published March 2014) We might assume an electronic charting system (ECS) is […]

Radio Check

A guide to VHF radio communication and your safety  (published February 2014) In the ever-evolving age of modern marine electronics, the humble VHF still stands out […]