Sailing Blue Nun

Circumnavigators downsize to a smaller cruising boat and find themselves asking , “when is small too small?”  (published March 2017) Looking back, Frenchman Bay in Downeast […]

The Chesapeake Bay: Hidden Wonders

From secluded creeks to bustling cities the Chesapeake Bay has it all  (published March 2017) I grew up sailing dinghies on fickle-winded northeastern lakes, but it […]

Cuba Layover, Varadero

On their way from St. Martin to Miami, they make an unexpected layover at Cuba’s impressive and brand new Varadero Marina  (published February 2017) There were […]

The Joys of Winter Cruising

(published November 2016) When the rain came, I pulled my hood over my hat, lowered my head slightly to look at the compass and took my […]

Close to Home Charters

Interesting, educational and fun places to charter around or near North America  (published March 2016) So you want a boating getaway but don’t want the travel […]

Beauty Abounds in Desolation Sound

Warm water and amazing scenery are just the beginning in this idyllic playground  (published March 2016) As we rounded Sarah Point on Malaspina Peninsula and made […]

Linger Longer

(published October 2015) My phone buzzed on the table next to my laptop in the small village café with a text message from Jill. “Crystal clear […]

San Simeon Bay

35° 38″ N, 121° 11″ W  Discover this quaint and historic California community  (published May 2013) I’d been here before, as a kid. My 10-year-old eyes […]