New Boatyard in Panama

(published April 2014) For those familiar with Almirante in the Bocas del Toro Province of Panama, it is the water taxi gateway to Isla Colon and […]

Water of Life

How to get, store and use one of our most precious resources while cruising  (published March 2014) Water is useful stuff. We like to drink it, […]

Riding It Out In Fiji

An unexpected cyclone season hideout makes for a laborious but rewarding stop  (published February 2014) Kate was truly ready to stop when we arrived in Fiji. […]

Tune In

Tips for replacing tang assemblies and tuning your rig  (published January 2014) As I hoisted myself up the mast I could see rust stains on the […]

True Reliability

Where to look when building redundancy into your boat’s systems  (published January 2014) Cruising boats are simple but contradictory things: a heap of essential, often complex, […]

Heavy Metal: Part II

What to consider when installing and operating a new windlass  (published November 2013) So you have spent the money and are now the proud owner of […]

Bank On It

How to assess and choose the right house batteries for your boat  (published November 2013) We were reaching south halfway between Annapolis and Norfolk when the […]