Discovering New Caledonia

Before we sailed through the Havannah Pass and into the lagoon that surrounds “La Grande Terre” we’d heard very little about New Caledonia. The few people […]

Nowhere Else

Still sailing the same silent sea. Photos by Nancy Krill  (published January 2016) “So you didn’t go anywhere this season…you only cruised Alaska”, is a refrain […]

Reef Piloting

Heading to the tropical reef systems of the world is the driving reason for many cruisers. However, when we get among the reef systems of the […]

Samoan Sojourn

A family finds more than just a great destination in the South Pacific  (published July 2013) I had flown into Samoa from Hawaii with my two […]

Broken Bay, Australia

Sydney’s Second Harbor  (published December 2014) We’ve all seen images of Sydney’s stunning harbor, with its iconic opera house and coathanger bridge. But just 20 miles […]

A Trip into the Dangerous Middle

An eventful passage between French Polynesia and Niue  (published December 2014) It was going to be just another downwind leg on the long voyage that was […]