Bill Biewenga Offshore North to South: Pointing the Way. How magnetic compasses work in the real word.  David Burch, At the Helm: Limitations of GPS. Why we should learn to navigate. Cruising Life Bar Exam Part I: Getting to one of the western Caribbean’s best hurricane holes can be an education in patience and seamanship by Christine Myers. World Cruising: The Magnificent Marquesas This magical cruising ground is hard to ignore by Nadine Slavinski. Classic Cruising: Uncommon Passages A cruise down the Atlantic coast of Europe reveals an abundance of unique harbors by Juan Florin. Sailing Smart: True Reliability Building redundancy into your boat’s systems by John Champion. Navigation & Electronics: Navigation System Backups by Daniel Collins. Charting up for the Caribbean by George Day. Boatswain’s Locker: Tune In Tips for replacing tang assemblies and tuning your rig by Andrew Cross. Blue Water Boats: Bavaria Cruiser German engineering blended with fast lines from Farr Yacht Design.


Author: Blue Water Sailing