Vesper Launches Cortex AIS Multitasking Capability


Vesper produces one of the most sophisticated AIS devices on the market that can be integrated with most MFD/GPS systems. Recently, the New Zealand-based company introduced their “brain for your boat” called Cortex that uses their AIS technology to interface with up to five sensors or data sources so you can monitor your onboard systems while on the boat or via wifi or cell signal while off the boat.

The Cortex system has a high quality VHF as part of the package, which has a large LED screen that will display all of the data that Cortex is managing. It can show you ship encounters via AIS. It can locate a man-overboard who is wearing an AIS MOB device. It can interface via NEMA 200 with your onboard nav suite so you can display all of that data on the VHF or on you smart phone. And, it can function as an anchor dragging monitor.

For those replacing a VHF or wanting to add AIS to an existing marine electronics package, the new Vesper Cortex looks like a very attractive option.  For more information:

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