This Couple Balances Work and Play While Cruising The World

“Freedom.” That is how Victoria Fine describes her life.In April, Fine left a big job at Slate to launch her own business, Finally, a growth hacking company that offers editorial and audience development solutions to grow digital audiences. In June, she set sail with her husband and now lives full-time on a sailboat, traveling the planet and living a life most people only dream about.
    “We can go anywhere we want, at our own schedule, without depending on anything but wind and sun to get us there. I have clients to answer to, but ultimately, I’m my own boss,” says Fine. “I control my life completely. That’s a rare and beautiful thing that I don’t take for granted.”
And just to make you even more jealous: She is making way more money and getting way more time off than she ever did while working at a full-time job.
So how is she pulling it off? Here’s the scoop. (Read more.)

Author: Blue Water Sailing