Outremer 45

The Outremer 45 may be the most seen cruising cat in the world. The La Vagabonde couple, Riley and Elayna, with their new baby son Lenny, are a YouTube phenomenon with 1.2 million subscribers. They post new videos just about every week and have done so for the last five years. They got aboard an Outremer 45 a couple of years ago, so their subscribers are totally aware of the boat, the brand and the many benefits of living and cruising aboard a performance catamaran.  La Vagabonde ferried climate activist Grete Thunberg across the North Atlantic last November so they and Outremer benefited from the media circus that follows the 16-year old Swede.

The 45 is a handsome, fast, light and speedy cruising cat that is easy for a couple to handle, even with a small child in tow. It has a huge cockpit, large saloon with a dinette that seats six, a good galley and a large nav station. The cabins below are spacious and comfortable with lots of natural light and ventilation. If you haven’t seen the La Vagabonde videos, you can find them on You Tube under Sailing La Vagabonde. For more on the 45, click here.


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