Dressed to the Nines

(published May 2014) Thirty-five years passes in a blink when looking back. Cell phones were non-existent. Few beyond the Department of Defense had a computer—and those […]

Getting the Best Wi-Fi on the Water

Understanding Wi-Fi boosters and antennas  (published April 2014) Along with GPS, satellite phones, and SSB radios with PACTOR modems, Wi-Fi boosters are another miracle of communications […]


Sail repairs at sea are not a matter of “if” but “when”…since sails that are used hard offshore will eventually need your tender loving care  (published […]

ECS without GPS

How to use your electronic charting system for navigation, even if your GPS fails  (published March 2014) We might assume an electronic charting system (ECS) is […]

Herd Instinct

Deciding when to head offshore can be tricky, and subject to the opinions of those around you  (published February 2014) It had been a rough passage […]

Limitations of GPS

Why we should learn to navigate  (published January 2014) If you rely solely on GPS to navigate in the fog, you will not know if it […]

North to South: Pointing the Way

How magnetic compasses work in the real world  (published January 2014) It was a bitter cold night. We left Newport, R.I. at 0300 that morning, and […]