Back to the Basics

Sail your boat better with the right instruments  (published June 2013) Like any art, sailing requires no specific instruments or devices aboard ship in order to […]

Free Online Weather Tools

The difference between success and failure in racing or cruising is often determined by the thoroughness of the preparation-often by just getting the weather right  (published […]

ebooks On Board

Love them now, or love them later  (published May 2013) The value of digital publications for an offshore sailboat is pretty obvious. We can store a […]

Staying Current With Currents

Ocean currents are not what they used to be  (published March 2013) OK…This is not an article about climate change. Ocean currents are indeed what they […]

Flares in the Night

While racing to Bermuda, the glow of a flare arced across the sky. Now what?  (published March 2013) Serious cruising has many faces. One skipper might […]