New & Noteworthy

Advancements in nav and electronics  (published January 2013) Technology has vastly changed the way sailors look at almost every aspect of the cruising lifestyle. Some sailors […]

Nav System Basics

Three options for building the perfect nav system for your boat and your budget  (published January 2013) Over the past five years, we have seen quite […]

GPX Files

Your best bet for nav data transfer  (published November 2012) There are many reasons these days to transfer navigation data among GPS and e-chart devices. Here […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB Radio demystified: Part Two  (published June 2012) Heard the SSB is too complicated to install or learn to use? Think again. Modern SSB radios […]

Essential Offshore Gear

The SSB radio, demystified  (published April 2012) SSB radios are king when it comes to reliable, long-range communications. Above and beyond satellite phones, the SSB gives […]